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The best piece of advice that can possibly be given to people struggling with their relationship is don't suffer alone. Seek the help of a competent, knowledgeable, independent third party, who will be able to notice what the people involved will never notice. A detached viewpoint is the greatest asset that a couple can have and that's why you're here.

Save My Relationship
Save My Marriage
YES, You Can Save Your Marriage!

What Most People Don't Know...

Talking to one another is especially difficult when a marriage has begun to break down and it is virtually impossible to repair marriages in acute distress without involving the services of a third party who is not involved. This third party can see, with detachment, things that the warring parties themselves will not be able to see.

They are too involved, too caught up in fraught, emotional situations to be able to rationally try to see the other person's point of view. Often the emotion will be worse in a marriage that is worth saving, than in one where both parties have given up so fight for it.

If you quit on the marriage early, without exploring every possible avenue to try and save it, you could easily end up riddled with guilt feelings. Don't accept the end, until you know for sure that it is the end.

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Save Your Relationship

When you become aware that your marriage is having problems, seek the help of a competent professional, as soon as you can. The detached advice of someone who can see the problems with a professional eye could make all the difference.

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